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So, what exactly is it that makes the perfect, fudgy Brownie?

The perfect Brownie is, in effect, subjective and quite open to individual preference. Some people like theirs to be softer, fluffier with that crackly top. Others, like theirs to be more dense, sticky & rich, with a texture quite similar to chocolate truffles.

The difference in the two is quite simple..

First of all..

Fudgy style Brownies have more of a fat-to-flour ratio than those that are more cakey and, therefor the amount of fat content , in this case - chocolate & butter.

The amount of eggs & sugar never changes.


The cooking time plays a part in the perfect consistency of the desired finish. If the Brownie is cooked too long it will more than likely be too dense. On the other hand, if the Brownie is not cooked for long enough, what will result is a Brownie that will become too soft at room temperature and almost melt. Something like a chocolate dessert.

Refrigerating your Brownies is essential for the finished ingredients to set properly. Only after they are set are they ready to be judged.

Baking the perfect Brownie for your specific preference is really a simple practice of 'trial & error'. Adjust the two aspects to suit until you have what you were looking for.. although this may take over 10 attempts to perfect.

We spend weeks changing & perfecting our recipes, so having 10 attempts to success is a good outcome.

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