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It was going so well, then THIS!

Every order landed on the doorstep of the recipient, on time, every time, and then..

As most of our customers know, for the last 18-Months we have instructed DPD to collect and deliver your orders. We couldn't fault them. Every package was delivered on the day, the purchaser was kept updated seamlessly and the recipient knew that 'within the hour specified' the parcel would be delivered in perfect condition.

For a business owner - This is what dreams are made of.

Not only does it provide peace of mind, confidence and a stress-free day, but it also enhances the experience for the purchaser and demonstrates our professional attitude and customer service values.

For a purchaser - It's the difference between wondering, hoping, waiting and then, facing disappointment because the order didn't land on target.

So, what's the problem?

Well, everything runs like clockwork AFTER the parcels are collected. The problem we suffered was that the parcels were not always collected and this began to be a major issue. We had no notifications why. We were never able to find out what was going on due to the poorest of customer service and, therefor had no information to provide to the customer and/or recipient.

This was of course very poor in terms of our standards, and we were made to look quite pathetic for a while.

During one particular period in November 2021 we had only one collection in the entire week. Hundreds of pounds worth of orders were binned. Birthdays and other 'pre-order' dates were hopelessly missed, customers were outraged and the email complaints came rolling in.

What would you do in this position?

We had no option but to return to Royal Mail, much to the disappointment of many of our regular purchasers and, we hear you.

At the very least, this way, we knew that the orders would be dispatched on time, every time. Not only this but we also return to support our local Post Office, a local, small and independent family business which, is a small but worthwhile positive.

Sure, there will be times when your orders will still miss the target. Unfortunately, this will be the case forever more. It's the nature of the business and we simply can't control every delivery driver in the country.

We're confident that our excellent, seamless service will now return to the standard to which you know and deserve.

Nothing & nobody is perfect, but we will work tirelessly towards it every day.

Thank you, as always, for your continued support.

Here's to an exciting 2022!


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