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When in Norfolk.. drop in on your flower growers!

Here's where the life of our Brownies REALLY begins..

For those who imagine that our products are relatively simple to produce, well, we've got news for you. Before anything is mixed, baked, packed & dispatched, there is a magnificent process going on behind the scenes that you probably never considered.

Well, here's where our product journey starts its process, at the expansive and very impressive hub of floral heaven that is Nurtured In Norfolk.

It was a cold, damp Monday morning in early May and we arrived at Nurtured In Norfolk, Dereham for an informal tour of their ever-expanding and highly reputable 4-acre edible-flower growing facility.

Upon arrival we were greeted by owner Sue and her team. Everyone was busy and focused, whilst still finding time to pause, smile and say 'hello'.

After an initial, warm and welcoming introduction (and the application of PPE of course), we were guided downstairs and outside to the most enormous greenhouses imaginable.

The word 'impressive' doesn't come close to what goes on there. The planters, full of colourful life, seem to go on forever, while specialist growers scuttle around to tend to their every need.

As we were guided through the maze of vivid flowers, we could sense the devotion to the business which radiated from the owner, Sue, and Isobel (her ever smiling assistant and head of marketing) as they lead us from bloom to glorious bloom, educating us on every individual flower bud, petal, leaf and herb as we passed. Our eyes, constantly wide open to the most considerable sea of intense floral colour that greeted them with pleasure at every turn for as far as the eye could see.

Row after row of Pansies, Alyssum, Daisy's, Calendula, Dahlia, Dianthus, Geranium, Lavender, Orchid, Viola.. and much, much more, all flourishing and awaiting the pickers.

These flowers had all started life from seed, grown on a natural soil base, benefiting from nutrients that are present throughout the growing stages and therefore extending the shelf life. Biological controls are used throughout the growing process to keep the crops clean and pest free.

(On average, it takes 10-12 weeks of careful, expert nursing to provide us with an ample source of the best, most colourful flowers. All this time & effort before we even begin to dry & press them for another week prior to applying them to our delightful products).

To learn that the business began in a home greenhouse, part-time, was and is, truly remarkable. Allan and Sue Miller both worked full time as chefs for 20 years before initially becoming growers of Micro Cress. An inspiration none-the-less to any budding business person or entrepreneur starting a project from the bottom up. Battling against the recent Covid19 lockdowns with true professionalism, Nurtured In Norfolk quickly adapted to the situation and came out of the other end with a sting in the tail! New paths were created, new products were born and a top place in the pressed-flower market was smoothly secured.

Fresh, pressed flowers are currently dispatched daily in their thousands to businesses throughout the UK and beyond, not to mention the supply of herbs too which make their way to the kitchens of many well-known Michelin-Star chefs & restaurants.

Nurtured In Norfolk are the most important link in our business chain and have helped us to continue to meet both the demand and, our targets from the early beginning.

We wish them the very best for the future and hope beyond hope that they will continue to support us through our own journey.


Our suppliers:

Only the best and most devoted will ever make the cut and we will always consider them as an integral part of our team. Without their expertise, creativity & innovation, we couldn't produce our goods, let alone provide any magic.

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