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gluten and dairy free bakers

Thank you, but..

You guys are THE absolute BEST supporters we could've hoped for, but you don't stop buying from us and we need a rest!

We've decided to close for a few days next week. It's Sara's Birthday on Thursday 2nd and our Wedding Anniversary on the 6th so, although we love our job, our customers and our Instagram & Facebook families, I'm afraid we need to pause for a while and take some time out to celebrate ourselves. Nothing fancy or extravagant, just a little trip to London for a view events (after a messy night out in Manchester).

We hope you don't mind? Maybe we will pick-up some inspiration while we are away?

So, we have added a 'Holiday Closure Info' page to our website which you can access here

It provides you with all the information you might need if you're thinking of a special someone to send one of our gifts to.. and you need to check if we're open.

Big thanks again for all of your support.

Craig & Sara.

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