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An Alternative Birthday Cake?

Updated: Dec 10, 2023

For those of you who think a little differently, here's something you probably never thought about..

When we first started to produce our chocolate brownie gift-boxes, some time ago, our aim was to provide the recipient with something a little different in terms of not only a birthday gift but, any gift for any particular occasion. We strived to make our brownies look unique and to pack them full of colour to achieve the 'wow' factor that you expect when gifted with something special.

Further down the line, as our brownie-boxes have evolved gradually, we began to focus on the market of birthday cakes.

From our research we found that there was a lack of 'alternative' birthday cakes. Cake gifts that were perhaps a change from the norm. There is of course an abundance of speciality cake makers, most of whom are ridiculously talented and create the most breath-taking celebration cakes. In addition to these, there are the mass-market 'cupcake' bakers & decorators who quite eloquently beaver away in their bakeries, delicately building the most remarkable cupcakes and displaying the finished (and quite often personalised) delights perfectly in brightly coloured gift-boxes.

Thinking 'outside of the box' we found the cheese makers, who have introduced a funky, fun-looking yet stylish cheese 'cake' which is assembled on tiers too. These are particularly good. We ordered one ourselves from The Fine Cheese Company.

The Fine Cheese Company - Celebration Cheese Cake
The Fine Cheese Company - Celebration Cheese Cake

From our findings, we decided that a 'Birthday Brownie' was already unique in itself and that a simple addition in the form of an embossed, edible plaque was all that was required in order to retain our signature 'wow' factor gift experience.

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