Violet Flowers

Ingredients & Toppings

Edible Flowers & Leaves

Every flower, petal, leaf & bud is 100% edible and grown specifically & naturally, without the use of pesticides. Solely intended for food applications, each one lends itself perfectly to the current, seasonal design for which they have been chosen. Current stocks are chosen carefully and purchased seasonally to be used in exciting, new & featured products. Most of the flowers, leaves & foliage that adorn our beautiful cakes are dried & pressed, although there are always opportunities during the finishing stage to introduce them unpressed, to our individual cakes for the maximum 'wow factor'.

100% Natural Food Coloring

As per our running 'Natural' product theme, it would be nothing less than criminal to use anything other than 'Natural Coloring' in our products. The only slight downside to this is that it can be quite difficult to achieve our necessary vivid colors from natural sources.

100% Natural Flavoring


Owing to some of the most flavorsome, natural & sweet ingredients already in our products, our added flavors are used at a bare minimum. We do of course include only the best  Natural, Plant-Derived Flavorings' in our ingredient mixtures. This ensures that they ALWAYS taste as good as they look.


Allergen Information

Mode & Grace have the proven expertise to provide some of our products in both Gluten Free & Dairy Free options.

When gluten and/or dairy free orders are placed we prepare them individually. The workstations, surfaces & equipment are cleaned thoroughly before creation of your order begins. The ingredients we use are as required to produce Gluten Free & Dairy Free produce. Like all of our products, we have extensively researched and carefully developed them to look, feel & taste exactly as the standard product range. They have an above average shelf-life too. 


Please bear in mind that there may be traces of nuts & other allergens as would be expected from a production environment such as ours where ingredients are stored and produced in the same confinements of the building. Flowers which are used can also contain traces of pollen which is completely unpreventable.

Please note: If you have SEVERE allergic reactions to any particular food groups or ingredients we would advise that you DO NOT buy our products as we cannot 100% guarantee your safety.

For more detailed information regarding allergens or ingredients, please email us via the button below.