Our Awards

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What a truly stunning appearance your edible flower topped brownie has, absolutely beautiful. The rich decadent aroma is immediately enticing. The mouthfeel and texture are bang on the money in terms of the firm chocolate top and fudgy centre. The flowers and herbs atop the brownie each have individual flavour and contribute well to this sweet rich experience. We do feel though that the chocolate/cocoa could do with a bit more character to truly enhance the sensory experience.


We are bowled over by the appearance of these floral brownies.  The edible flowers are a joy to look at! On tasting we love the crunch through the chocolate before the chocolatey fudgy base melts in the mouth. We think this would make a perfect centrepiece for a wedding it is so beautiful. Often when we see things this stunning, the flavour disappoints but not in this case. Although one judge would have liked even more dark chocolate taste we all agree it is delicious. This is not just a feast for the eyes but a feast for the palate too. Many congratulations, this is outstanding.


This is the prettiest brownie we have encountered. We were initially worried this could be a case of style over substance, but worry not - this brownie ticked all the boxes. Rich, indulgent chocolate; soft, gooey batter, helped by the ground almonds that have tempered the sweetness. Absolutely fabulous.

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We are all starry eyed at the sheer prettiness of this, and if we could give stars just for that, we would! But this is about taste so...The brownie part was melt in the mouth indulgence, with a proper fudgy texture, and the white chocolate was generous, thick with a crunch in the bite and tasted good. However, we did feel that the sweetness was a little heavy and that if the chocolate topping was a little thinner this would balance it better. Perhaps the pieces could be cut smaller (without danger to the design).


Visually this is a show-stopper. The appearance is gorgeous, the flowers look fresh and pretty and the little sprinkle of sparkle adds more eye appeal. The brownie is delicious, dark and fudgy. The combination of good brownie and stunning appearance earns this a star. If the maker can improve the quality of the white chocolate this could well gain a second star in future.

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