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From Humble Beginnings

Mode & Grace is a family 'micro' team of three extremely talented and committed individuals, each bringing their own valuable talents to the table.. The success of the business is the result of bringing all these different skills together in the most crucial areas of business which is just one example, among many others, on how Mode & Grace excels at what it does best - creating extraordinary products that are guaranteed to turn heads!

The process of building a business is not easy, but it's the customer relationship that will get you through. Starting out at home with just the bare basics has given us all we need to take our slow growth without any financial pressure whatsoever - because when people love their customers they stick around!

Our Mission Statement

To deliver exceptional, innovative taste experiences to those who are seeking something very different from the current 'artisan foods' market, focusing on appearance, taste, quality, personal service & clear value for money. We aim to take every aspect of the product & purchase experience a step further in order to continually surprise & delight our customers and make them feel special.

The specifics of what we do

From the outside you would be forgiven for thinking that we are "just another cake baker".
Allow us to explain why there is so much more to what we do than simply baking cakes.

Product Development

We have spent hour after hour, painstakingly perfecting the recipe for each of our products. Prior to allowing anything leave our premises we want to be certain that not only do they look exceptional, they also taste divine and are not in any way compromised by a short shelf-life. And, with a texture perfected through hours of research followed by weeks of 'trial & error', M&G would confidently provide an award winning bakery with some serious competition (That's even before our introduction of edible flowers).

Working With Edible Flowers

Until you get involved with edible flowers and use them commercially to literally be eaten, it's hard to believe how incredibly difficult they are to work with. It isn't an easy task at all and, there are some serious skills required. Perfecting this aspect is time consuming to say the least. We have committed to over 300 hours of our time combined to more 'trial & error' development with the end results reflecting our efforts.

Sourcing Ingredients

No two ingredient suppliers are the same and many artisan makers may overlook this fact. 
Suppliers ought to be seen as an integral part of your team because they are absolutely crucial to the look, taste & feel of your product. Not to mention the importance of stock availability & reliability of delivery.
All these facts are taken into consideration when choosing suppliers for our ranges, not to mention that we only use exceptional quality stock as standard.

To sell the best goods on the market you can only produce them with the best ingredients.

Brand Ethics & Image

Mode & Grace are much more than sweet treats & baked goods. Our entire focus is upon the experience you will discover when purchasing from us. From finding out about us, learning about what we do and, discovering the remarkable products which are carefully hand-made for you to enjoy, through to the receipt of your order, and onto seeing, indulging, tasting & devouring our specialist, creative work.

Our Logo 

Our logo was designed in accordance with our brand image, hence the flowers, and influenced by colour & nature. The font which is used was purposely chosen to reflect an 'elegant' style which mirrors our products, and is a font which particularly echoes the fonts seen in many famous logos, such as stylish home & fashion magazines. A look which instills an immediate sense of trust and represents a remarkable product & service. These of course are some of the crucial ingredients injected into our brand and our image.

Our Suppliers

We only use independent suppliers. We don't purchase any of our ingredients from multinational organisations, ever. Where possible, our ingredients are purchased from local suppliers, small artisan enterprises & family concerns. Sometimes this is a more expensive choice to make in order to retail our products competitively and with a reasonable profit margin. But these small businesses need our support and they do indeed give us the best service, a close working relationship and extremely high quality of product. They rely on our custom every week in order to grow, market their produce and send out their individual message to more of their potential followers (One of them being us). Therefor, the small additional cost to our bottom line is more than welcome, as we can clearly see the benefit in our unique products. Pleasure, not only for our purchasers, but, for everyone involved.

Our Beliefs
* Value for money: Anyone can purchase cakes of every size, flavour & description from a local source. We know this. But what we do is very special indeed. The time we take to produce both a visually impressive product, combined with the research we carry out prior to the look, feel & taste of the products we sell is paramount to our Brand. Mode & Grace add incredible value to every purchase by providing the recipient with a remarkable experience from beginning to end. 

* Customer service: No business would exist without customers, that's a given. So, we treat all of our customers like friends and always go the extra mile wherever we see the opportunity to surprise & delight. It's our standard priority to be contactable whenever there are delivery problems, product questions, and any special requirements, with emails answered the same day, every time and the ability to be contacted by telephone with simplicity.

*Quality: Every aspect of what we do will be of the highest quality available, from the ingredients, the taste & the texture of our products, through to the service, the packaging & the delivery.

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 mode [mohd]


* A manner of acting or doing; a particular type or form of something

* A designated condition or status, as for performing tasks/responding to a problem.

 grace [gray-s]


* elegance or beauty of form, manner, motion, or action.

* a pleasing or attractive quality or endowment.

"Mode & Grace. It's quite simply how we do it".

The People

"Every business is only as good as its people".



(Chief Baker, Researcher & Chocolatier)

Mode & Grace is the brainchild of Sara Walker, a married mother of two,keen photographer and psychotherapy student.

Sara is the researcher of suppliers & ingredients, and the maker of all M&G products. She is the exceptionally talented chief baker & tempered-chocolate maker behind every single product we sell, whilst being responsible for everything ever painstakingly perfected during the 100's of hours spent in product development.



(Design, Sales & Marketing)

Obsessed with everything 'arty', from illustration, to oil painting & urban sketching.

Craig is in the driving seat of everything sales related. Responsible for social media, trade sales, market creation, email marketing & more, he has more than enough to do... in-between faffing about with a paintbrush!



(Packing & Dispatch)

Amy is the Mode & Grace Dispatch coordinator and responsible for everything related to packing & distribution, right the way through to the Post-office runs. She ensures that deliveries are dispatched on time, every time.  


Aside of her crucial involvement with Mode & grace, Amy is a law student.


She too is a keen artist and runs her own part-time online business creating bespoke hand-painted footwear for clients worldwide.  

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